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This page lists items retrieved from the National Archives of Scotland. At present the files are not stored in sub-categories according to their file reference, and instead are all part of this category. In future, if there are a large number of other files added, they can be broken up by file listing.


Scottish Office Development Department

DD4/4/357 Highlands: Proposed Motorway (also DD4/4/358)
DD4/5430 Special Roads – Policy: Motorway Programme


Records of Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland

RF4/36 Edinburgh Inner Ring Road


Scottish Office Central Services

SOE26/1964/1344 Forth Road Bridge Northern Approach Road Special Road Scheme 1964 (see also SOE26/1964/1345)
SOE26/1967/1589 The Erskine Bridge Special Road Scheme
SOE26/1972/1918 The Craigend to Broxden Special Road Scheme

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