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Sources for the Ringway plan's western radials are collected here.



Route, Hemel Hempstead - Hunton Bridge
Indicated as "motorway projected" on Ordnance Survey Landranger sheet 166 revision A* published April 1975
Route, Hunton Bridge (A.405) - Berrygrove (M.1)
Existence of route in programme, first appearance in Roads in England (1970-71).
Continues to appear as far as Roads in England (1974-75) inclusive.
Listed as "A41" and withdrawn in Policy for Roads: England 1978.

Tring Bypass completed in 1970s
Listed as under construction, Roads in England 1973/74
Hunton Bridge as terminus of M25
MT 138/44

A40 and A40(M)

Route, High Wycombe - Denham
GLC/TD/C/P/02 shows M40 route was built as planned
Route, Denham - Shepherd's Bush
GLC/TD/C/P/02 indicates on-line improvement was expected throughout
Route, Shepherd's Bush - Marylebone
R4 to connect at Denham (M40 junction 1)
MT 121/57 & MT 106/291 show R4 approaching M40 from south and terminating
HLG 159/479 shows R4 via M40 continuing towards Maple Cross

R4 to connect at present M25 junction
Sliproads at Denham designed with provision for spur
Denham Spur emails
Spur to R1 at Gypsy Corner
MT 106/437 has engineering plans

M4 and A4

Route, Slough - Chiswick
GLC/TD/C/P/02 has this route incorporated as-is
Route, Chiswick - Earl's Court
Possibility of widening Chiswick elevated section

Limited-access proposal for Chiswick Roundabout
HLG 159/2274
Free-flow proposal for Chiswick Roundabout
Confusion over status Chiswick - Earl's Court

M3 and A316

Route, Staines - Sunbury
GLC/TD/C/P/02 shows the route of M3 was to be incorporated as-is
Route, Sunbury - Richmond
GLC/TD/C/P/02 has a primary route planned on the current line of A316 Country Way
Route, Richmond Bypass
GLC/TD/C/P/02 indicates an online improvement of A316 at Richmond, dated 1965
Newspaper reports at Richmond Local History Service also dated 1965 show Richmond Council approved a bypass to the north of the town
Route, Richmond - Chiswick
GLC/TD/C/P/02 indicates an on-line upgrade of A316 from Manor Circus to Hogarth Roundabout

Local authority plans for Richmond bypass
Local authority change and rejection of bypass
GLC suggesting M3 to Chiswick until 1973


Route, Esher Bypass
Route, Kingston Bypass
Route, Robin Hood Gate - Wandsworth

Abercrombie considered A3 unsuitable as Parkway
Esher Bypass proposed as motorway

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