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Ministry of Transport and successors, General Traffic Division: Registered Files

MT 112/67 Traffic signs on motorways and major roads proposed numbering of motorways
MT 112/111 Automatic emergency traffic signs: M5 Birmingham-Bristol experiment (1962-1971)
MT 112/159 Emergency traffic signs: rural and urban motorway warning signals; policy (1964-1969)
MT 112/161 Emergency traffic signs: permanent emergency signalling system for motorways (1964-1966)
MT 112/181 Fog hazards on motorways: warning systems and speed limits; policy (1965-1968)
MT 112/215 Pedestrian crossings: the x-way push button pedestrian crossing; design consideration, experiment and analysis (1966-1968)
MT 112/303 Revision of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1964: consultation: correspondence, minutes and press notice (1969-1970)
MT 112/428 Traffic light signals: consideration of proposals for giving pedestrians priority over turning vehicles at signal-controlled junctions by means of flashing amber left-turn arrows (1976-1985)

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