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Special Roads – Policy: Motorway Programme

Date range1962-1965
LocationNational Archives of Scotland (see all files stored here)


Now this one's interesting. It discusses the Erskine Bridge, and how money for the construction of the Glasgow Inner Ring Road might get rediverted there instead, and various options for terminating M898 if the bridge was constructed before completion of the M8 Bishopton Bypass.

There's loads of notes on M6 north of the Lancaster Bypass, as well as A74 upgrades including the possibility of the Gretna Bypass being constructed as a motorway.

Scottish motorway schemes are simply referred to as sections of the Trunk Route, so some digging is necessary to work out exactly which bit they're on about, but interestingly M73 nis ot referred to as an A73 scheme (like all others), but as “A74/A80 New Link”.

1962 County Surveyors’ Society proposals for an extended motorway programme appears in here with a reasonable level of detail and some commentary.

People with camera copies

None - NAS did not allow cameras at time of visit.