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Ringway 2

Date range1970
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond DG/PTI/P


This file is in a series of 17 files, explained in detail at GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/048.

Within the wider series, this file contains correspondence from April to August 1970.

Contents of note

  • Evidence of at least four more property purchases.
  • Minutes of a meeting held on 27 July 1970, at which a decision was taken that the line of Ringway 2 through Barnes and Chiswick would only be announced to the public after the conclusion of the GLDP Inquiry. That explains why this section continued to be shown as "under investigation" for so long, and confirms that it was never, in fact, announced to the public.
  • Further movement on the Bromley saga. Paperwork here indicates that LB Bromley decided to publish their own line for Ringway 2 in Beckenham when the GLC failed to engage fully with their proposals, and they then secured agreement from the Minister of Housing and Local Government that they would be allowed to borrow money in order to purchase houses on the line of the motorway, much as the GLC were doing for the official route of Ringway 2. They were effectively running their own miniature planning exercise in parallel.
  • Bromley's proposal relocated one interchange from Worsley Bridge Road to Kangley Bridge Road, so that traffic to and from the motorway interchange would run through an industrial area, not a residential road.

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