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Victoria Transportation Centre Study: report on underpass schemes by Freeman, Fox and Partners, with plans

Date range1968
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond TD/C


In the mid 1960s the GLC proposed something called the "Victoria Transportation Centre" centred on Victoria Station. It was an attempt to create a multi-modal interchange facility between rail, underground, coaches, buses and airside shuttle trains to both Heathrow and Gatwick. Plans of the actual Transportation Centre are at GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07-290. On the periphery of that proposal, an underpass was proposed at Victoria.

This file contains a report by Freeman, Fox and Partners into the construction of some sort of tunnel or underpass in the vicinity of Victoria station that may or may not have interacted with the "transportation centre" in some way.

Three options were proposed, all effectively assisting traffic passing through on the Inner Ring Road and which, regardless of the "transportation centre", would have done a lot to remove the horrible Victoria One-Way System from the face of the earth:

  1. A dual two-lane underpass linking Grosvenor Place and Vauxhall Bridge Road, in deep bored tunnel beneath Victoria Station, with north-east facing sliproads inside the tunnel that would link to the transportation centre itself.
  2. A single two-lane underpass on the same line as the one above.
  3. A dual two-lane underpass, as above, with an additional single-lane tunnel to take traffic northbound from Buckingham Palace Road and merge into the main north-westbound tunnel.

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