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Project Files: North South Route; Greater London Development Plan

Date rangeUndated
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond TD/TP

GLC/TD/TP/13-2 and 13-3 are held in physically the same file, and both will arrive regardless of which you request.


GLC/TD/TP/13-2 is a bound series of plan sheets, of which the first is a title reading "NORTH SOUTH ROUTE March 1984". The route in question is what is now the A1055, effectively as built, running up the Lee Valley from the North Circular to Enfield.

The actual plan sheets are dated June 1983, and comprise six perspectives illustrating the new road.

GLC/TD/TP/13-3 is a series of large plan sheets loose in a folder. It's the GLDP roads map, with key, covering London in nine sheets - the actual map put on display by the GLC and presented to the GLDP Inquiry panel to illustrate the road proposals. The sheets are extremely basic - there is no base map onto which they are superimposed, just plain white paper. They show the GLC boundary, thin lines for secondary routes, thick dashes for primary routes, diamonds for junctions, and an outline of the Thames. They're totally and worryingly unrevealing.

Even with the things they do show there are odd omissions. Vague arrows mark a gap on Ringway 3 between M4 and M23; on Ringway 2 between A24 and Falconwood; and on A20(M) between Ringways 1 and 2. A note on the key indicates that these roads will be added to the GLC submission but that they will arrive too late to make it into this printed map.

There are also five of the nine Metropolitan Structure map sheets here, in colour, showing shaded areas for "urban", "rural", "parkland" etc.

People with camera copies

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