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Project Files: C Ring Road; Rochester Way Relief Road; London-Folkestone-Dover Trunk Road (A20)

Date rangeundated
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond TD/TP

Each of GLC/TD/TP/13-4 to 13-6 are in physically the same file, and all three will arrive together no matter which of them you request.


One suspects the GLC's projects involved more paperwork than they took the trouble to archive, because there's very little here on any of the named subjects.

GLC/TD/TP/13-4 consists of three large-scale engineering plan sheets for Ringway 2 between the Northern Outfall Sewer (just south of Thamesmead) and Oxleas Wood (just north of A2), including elevation plan and layout of interchange at Oxleas. This is hugely welcome, but equivalent engineering plans of the rest of Ringway 2 from the A13 to Wandsworth were also drawn up, and are not here.

GLC/TD/TP/13-5 is a series of plan sheets dated 1979 for the A2 Rochester Way Relief Road through Eltham, indicating ownership of land on the route. Virtually every house on the line of the road through Eltham was already GLC property.

GLC/TD/TP/13-6 is a wedge of plans dated 1980/81 from LB Greenwich, sketching ideas for the rehabilitation of the former A2 once the Rochester Way Relief Road opened, including designs for completely closing parts of Rochester Way and reworking priorities at Well Hall for the A205. Most of this never happened.

People with camera copies

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