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Brixton Town Centre Redevelopment Plan

Date range1960-1980
LocationLambeth Archives (see all files stored here)

Note: the items LBL/BDD/1/16/2, LBL/BDD/2/4 and LBL/BDD/2/5 redirect to this page. All four are progressions of the same document, as described below.


The London Borough of Lambeth had, at one time, serious plans to regenerate Brixton by rebuilding its town centre on an ambitious scale. At the core of the plan was an elevated bus station, level with the railway viaduct and suspended over Brixton Road; lengthy tunnels and underpasses to remove through traffic from the shopping area; reconstruction of the buildings along Brixton Road to provide shopping malls and large retail units; and the construction of no less than 14 hexagonal tower blocks some forty storeys high.

The various iterations of this plan progress from wholesale redevelopment in the 1960s to more modest plans by the late 1970s. The four documents should really be viewed together to provide a real perspective of how the redevelopment plans evolved over time.

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