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General: Communications, Roads and Traffic

Date range1946
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond LCC, subfond AR/TP


This file is a general dumping ground for material relating to traffic that was generated during the 1940s by the Town Planning office of the LCC. It's not as interesting as that might sound - seemingly big projects and plans are elsewhere, probably filed as schemes in their own right, and this file is leftover bits that didn't fit anywhere else. Much of it is a collection of assorted stopping-up orders.

Contents of note

  • An interesting memo outlining the difference between the provisions of the London Building Acts and the Town and Country Planning Act, in relation to the LCC's ability to control development along its streets. This is a useful introduction to the powers available to the LCC at the time the memo was written and gives some insight into the powers they had and the usual areas in which they still appeared to have no control at all.
  • The minutes of a meeting held in 1946 to discuss the A-Ring and B-Ring, as projects to be taken forward in peacetime. The meeting had discussed the standard to which the LCC was to build these roads. A decision was taken that the A-Ring should be sub-arterial, and the B-Ring should be likewise. However, the A-Ring was to be built and completed first, and if experience showed it necessary, the B-Ring plans could then be upgraded to arterial. The meeting also deferred any decision on taking forward Abercrombie's XX and YY routes.

People with camera copies

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