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Beckton flyover (Trunk Road 33) (A13) (London Borough of West Ham): plans

Date range1964-1970
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 118

Wasteoftime.jpg This file is a waste of time.
You are advised to avoid it like the plague. Its file title sounds rather interesting but it may contain only dull papers that fail to illuminate the subject matter or it may not even be related to the subject suggested by the title.


In the 1960s, the Ministry of Transport proposed to build a flyover at Canning Town. Later on, they did. Between these two turning points in world affairs, some drawings were produced, and subsequently compiled at MT 118/145 for the benefit of the nation.

The folder is labelled "22 maps" but contains no maps. Here are the 22 items in full, to save you having to look.

  1. Plan of proposed soil investigation, the results of which you can see at MT 118/144 if you have literally nothing else to do with your life
  2. Layout of "new access to goods yard". Unfathomable
  3. Alterations to north footway on existing Lea bridge
  4. Arrangement of skew beams for river bridge widening
  5. Flyover alternative scheme for beams or something, very engineery
  6. Alternative scheme for flyover bearings
  7. Alternative scheme for prestressing flyover tendons
  8. General arrangement of E approach; surrounding buildings irrelevant as area was comprehensively demolished
  9. Flyover deck construction procedure
  10. Deck structure detail at western abutment
  11. Eastern approach cross sections
  12. Eastern end span
  13. Oho! Aha! A perspective drawing! But a perspective drawing of a flyover that exists, and which is so scrunched up you can't get it flat to see it properly
  14. The same as no. 5
  15. Sections through slip road bridge
  16. Borehole details
  17. Detail of concrete reinforcement
  18. Phasing of works: Phase 1
  19. Phasing of works: Phase 2
  20. Phasing of works: Phase 3
  21. Phasing of works: Phase 4
  22. Phasing of works: Phase 5

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People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a partial copy.