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M23 London to Crawley motorway: Mitcham to Hooley; public inquiry; inspector's documents; objections to the order to revoke the statutory authority for the route of M23 between Hooley and Mitcham

Date range1978-1980
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 152


The documents in this file follow the publication of a report (the A23/M23 Route Study about building a relief road bypassing the A23 between Hooley and Mitcham, which culminated in a decision to build just a short length of road from the northern end of the M23 to the A2022 at Little Woodcote. A decision was taken to revoke the Statutory Authority for the M23 between Hooley and Mitcham, since it would no longer be required, and ten objections were received against this. The Little Woodcote link road was then also canned in 1980, at which point most of the objections became pointless.

The file is divided into ten brown card folders, labelled Objection 101-110. The revocation apparently required an inquiry to be held and each folder contains the correspondence with an individual objector.

There isn't a great deal here to detain you, beyond the broader point that the M23 was effectively abandoned in 1978 and any hope of building any other road north from Hooley to relieve the A23 was then abandoned in 1980. The much-mentioned fact that land was safeguarded for the M23 until the mid-1990s may be true, but from 1978 onwards it was never going to be for the motorway.

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