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LEGISLATION: L.C.C. (Money) Bill, 1936

Date range1936
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 39


There don't seem to be many MOT files regarding "LCC Money Bills", but this file's documents seem to suggest that they were a regular event - it appears that the London County Council would put forward an annual bill for their financial requirements and Parliament would then pass it and give them the money.

The MOT's interest in the matter arose because, where road schemes were concerned, the LCC would pay 40% of the cost, and that was reliant on the Money Bill being passed. In the 1937 bill, which is the one discussed in this file, that was, unusually, not guaranteed.

The MOT and LCC had hatched a scheme to rebuild Waterloo Bridge (something that did happen in the 1930s and gave us the bridge that stands today), for which the Road Fund would pay 60% and the LCC the remaining 40%. But Parliament had already twice refused to pay for rebuilding, insisting (despite the pleas of bridge engineers) that the existing bridge must be strengthened and widened instead. When the Money Bill arrived, therefore, the item of expenditure for Waterloo Bridge became a source of controversy and Parliament refused to pass it.

This file, then, contains a lot of correspondence on that matter, but no actual conclusion.

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