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Advance direction signs: London-Folkestone-Dover trunk road

Date range1948-1969
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 95


Covers the design, commissioning and erection of a series of special white-on-green signs for the A20 between London and Dover. Long-distance road signage was scarce on British roads before the Worboys report, and the use of specialised signs for routes between London and international sea terminals started to assist foreign drivers unfamiliar with UK roads.

The signs are particuarly interesting because they use a white-on-green colour scheme before the Worboys commmittee started work.

The file also includes correspondence and some limited sketches for a number of road signs erected in Dover with English and French text (the English in 3-inch lettering, the French in 2-inch lettering). This appears to be a separate scheme to the long-distance direction signs.

Contents of note

  • Some diagrams of signs, including colour pencil sketches.
  • Large quantity of correspondence on individual signs, including minutiae of dealing with sign manufacturers. Much of it is dull and irrelevant.
  • Plans of the route with sign locations noted.
  • Period magazine featuring an article on the signs, including some limited pictures.
  • Diagram and photograph of new sign light system, as sent to the Ministry of Transport by a manufacturer.

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