Motorway Across the Pennines: Lancashire-Yorkshire Motorway M62 (1971)

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The full title of this document is Motorway Across the Pennines: Lancashire-Yorkshire Motorway M62.


As befits the main route from Lancashire to Yorkshire, this booklet is a goldmine of engineering information regarding the section between Eccles, Lancashire and Outlane, Yorkshire. It's got an entire chapter on the Scammonden Dam and tells the construction story of the Scammonden Bridge.

Contents of Note

  • Selected junction layouts of the section, including the famous A627(M) "future flyover"
  • National planned motorway network outline map - 1971 style
  • Technical details of route, including geology and survey information

How to view this document

Some of the photography from this book is online as part of CBRD's Old Motorway Photos album.