National Archives 2003-10-07

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Arrived at the PRO much as usual, although slightly late due to Tube problems (12.45 PM). Received the three files I ordered, albeit only two at first visit to desk—MT 39/556 is considered to have loose papers and is held back. Got MT 95/606, which contains sign design sheets for the Adams signs, MT 113/108, which contains policy for the Adams signs.

MT 95/606

Have finished photographing this file for now. In addition to the sign designs, it contains a specification for sign luminaires, plans of the sites where the signs were proposed to be installed (though not with the location or legends of the signs given), and plans for the fixture containing the luminaire. On this visit I photographed only the sign design sheets and ignored the rest. It may be worthwhile to return for the others later.

MT 113/108

Am going to try to finish this file this visit. Doesn’t seem very fat, and would actually rather not try to get started on MT 39/556 just now (that’s a one-day job in itself, and may want to ask for it to be kept for Thursday).

Finished it. Reckon I may as well get started with MT 39/556.

MT 39/556

Actually, I am going to take it easy and get on my way. The file is not properly tagged, which means I risk getting talked to by security guards etc when I try to turn over the individual documents and photograph them. And I do have full text of Major Cook’s memorandum, so it is not absolutely urgent that I have this file. I think what I may do next time is order some of the files dealing with German motor roads as inspected from 1945.