National Archives 2012-03-29

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Arrived at 12.35 PM owing to delay catching a District Line train for the Richmond fork. Only files not being photographed will be discussed here.

DSIR 12/318

This was ordered because it has a paper dealing with "economic justification of road works," which is the PIARC title for a must-get paper by C.T. Brunner which was later published by the BRF as 'Road pence, road sense'. However, the main burden of this file, which is a collection of RRL research reports in typescript--as is usual for DSIR 12 pieces--is materials testing in colonial areas. This file is being returned. (Finding from a stop at the LSE Library later today: 'Road pence, road sense' is not in fact a republication of Brunner's paper--it is rather an "account" of it in "everyday English," i.e. with all of the interesting stuff stripped.)

MT 6/3397

This file deals with Lloyd George's unemployment proposals of 1935. A 'Times' article of 1935-02-23 addressing them is not being photographed.

MT 39/656

Some correspondence relating to a loosening of funding constraint in Merseyside (in midst of 1948 expenditure cuts) not photographed because it was highly local in a general policy file.