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The National Library of Scotland is one of the main legal deposit libraries in the UK. Due to its close proximity to the original J G Bartholomew & Sons printing works in Edinburgh, it is now probably the best place to find archive maps of not just Scotland, but the entire UK and elsewhere.

Authority Scottish Government
Location Main Office : 57 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW. See map

Maps Library : 159 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1PH. See map

Membership/ID Location-specific membership required for main office. Map library by appointment.
Photocopy policy Pay-per-copy. Maps £10 + VAT per new scan.
Camera policy Main Office: Unknown. Maps Library: Allowed

What is held here

The maps library holds just about any OS and Bartholomew map in the last 150 years you would care to mention, frequently stored flat. Contemporary 1:50,000 Landrangers of Great Britain, and touring atlases for other countries, are immediately available in the map room.

How to use it

Before visiting, contact the staff to arrange an appointment and discuss what you would like to view. The staff are very helpful and can normally deliver maps in a matter of minutes. There are several large tables that can house several A0 maps on at once.

All out of copyright maps can be scanned on an in-house A0 scanner at 400dpi for £10 + VAT. However, previously scanned maps can be requested at material cost (typically just the price of a blank DVD and postage).

Items found here

See all files for this establishment.

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