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The DSIR file set at the National Archives holds documents created by the Department for Scientific and Industrial Research, and for road enthusiasts is interesting because it holds the Road Research Laboratory's work.

Unfortunately, while each file reference (such as "DSIR 12/181") refers to a single bound document, each bound document holds many research papers, none of which have a unique reference. Often the papers are duplicated several times across different file references. There is usually little connection between the research papers that are bound together.

ArchiveWiki deals with this by applying its own letter suffix to distinguish the items of interest within a DSIR file reference. So, in the fictional DSIR 100/123, the wiki might list:

DSIR 100/123a Brick crash barrier experiment
DSIR 100/123b Trial of hexagonal and pentagonal stop signs
DSIR 100/123c Ultraviolet street light trial

If you retrieved DSIR 100/123 from the archive, you would find many more documents bound together, but somewhere in there would be these three items.

The serial letters (a, b, c) applied in ArchiveWiki are for reference only, and don't mean that the items are the only ones in the document, or that they are in the right order, etc etc. They only indicate in what order the items were added to the wiki.