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MT 39/555--M4 and M5 in Gloucestershire and near Bristol (EC Boyce plays a big role)

DSIR 12/96-97--economic benefits of road improvements, benefits of building to motorway standard versus lesser improvement, and car ownership forecasting

MT 95/742-44--"give way to traffic already in roundabout" signing experiment on Leeds Road, Nottingham, with sign designs (MT 95/743 has the most interesting material and is the most important, but MT 95/744 is worth dealing with too)

XXXMT 95/7--traffic signing authorizations, including design guidelines for 1957 Regulations direction signs

XXXMT 95/992--'Traffic Signs Manual' correspondence, including drafts of Chapter 6 (Motorway Signs)

MT 95/8--provision of traffic signs on the London-Folkestone-Dover trunk road, including bilingual French/English signs near Dover

MT 95/915--1970's file on signing E-routes--low priority, but interesting

MT 95/53--design policy on traffic signs (most material in file authored by WJ Hadfield)

MT 116/15--draft TSRGD 1964

MT 95/494--miscellanies related to motorway/major trunk road plans, including a few Trunk Road Appreciations and correspondence with the Min Housing & Local Govt regarding a version of the Barnes plan for publication

XXXDSIR 12/474--RRL file on the secret repercussions of frost damage at Preston--perhaps already photographed?

MT 95/501--a Motorways Working Party file, dealing with issues of hard shoulder stabilization, consistency of roadworks signs, the 55-yd marker post controversy, etc.

MT 95/1018--British policy on metricating traffic signs in the mid-1970's

XXXDSIR 12/174--a Traffic & Safety file from the RRL. Absolutely important in explaining some of the policy decisions made in motorway design, including the rationale for a 2° maximum on curvature

MT 148/32--Trying to come up with a set of speed-flow relationships for COBA manual being prepared, 1968-73

BD 30/238--The problem of allocating resources to road schemes in Wales, where construction costs are £1m per mile versus £500,000 per mile in England and £400,000 per mile in Scotland

XXXMT 106/427--the sub-London motorway tunnel proposals

XXXMT 121/32--to light M6 interchange with A59 at Samlesbury, or not?

MT 95/652--Preston-Lancaster Motorway--planning and designing: Drake (Lancs CC) and Digby (MOT).

---MT 95/305--Colnbrook BP file; perhaps save as an example of interwar road projects?

MT 39/468--St Albans BP file

MT 39/152--planning the Kingston BP

MT 39/145--planning for a London-Birmingham Motorway

XXXMT 39/146--County Surveyors' Society motorway plan

MT 39/295?

---MT 89/217--Despicht's dream for a vastly expanded UK Euroroute network

MT 120/51--Feasibility of flyover intersections in urban areas

---MT 100/12--Ultimate carriageway widths of trunk roads and motorways, with certain design PCU volumes assumed

MT 95/831--Signing the Hendon urban motorway

MT 95/900--Fixing problem signs on the M4 between Chiswick-Langley Flyover and Slough/Maidenhead BP. Richly illustrated with photos.

XXXMT 39/557--don't have a detailed report on this one. Motorway-related?

XXXMT 95/709--Motorways Working Party file (the later Party, dealing with safety issues)

MT 117/28, 29--Planning and designing the London-Birmingham Motorway

MT 106/331--Signing traffic from M1 to Heathrow Airport

MT 95/604--How to space the Kinneir alphabets?

MT 112/392--comments on draft 1975 TSRGD

XXXFCO 76/360--FO brokering information for the Bowen committee; not too much of interest, but there are color drawings of Ireland's reformed direction signing system

MT 95/690--A Worboys experiment with Ring Road signing in Lambeth BC

MT 95/689--Immediate pre-Worboys signing experiments on A1 bypasses, including one at Stamford

MT 95/537--Memorandum 780--the successor to Memorandum 575

BT 56/20--Lord Privy Seal correspondence on the NWM (not a very thick file)

MT 55/338--MOT reaction to Alness report

XXXMT 39/516--organizing a Memo 483 revision committee--probably important for background

---MT 39/537--organizing publication of the MOT's postwar book on roads in built-up areas

MT 120/61--MOT advice on road planning in urban areas (1955-60)

MT 95/894--MOT on designing for traffic, in rural areas mainly (late 1960's/early 1970's)

XXXT 228/424--Treasury end of Working Party on Motorways (1954-55)

MT 95/642--Conclusions of the Working Party on Motorways (the later one)

COU 6/128--Countryside Comm. on Warwick-Waterstock portion of M40

DSIR 12/292--RRL concrete research, including Autobahnen, reviews of American research, feasibility of Alconbury as an experimental site (unbroken bed of Oxford clay, good testbed for durable concrete roads over clay)

XXXMT 121/70--Papers associated with the first Working Party on Motorways

XXXMT 121/71--duplicative of file immediately above, but check for unique material

MT 121/517--file belonging to second Working Party on Motorways

MT 109/188--the first ten years of roadworks signs on motorways (including a controversy about project limit signs)

MT 152/120-21--Ross Motorway signs

MT 121/308--Kerensky's standard motorway sign gantries

MT 118/122--Steelwork issues associated with Kerensky's sign gantries

[Complete through 30-10-2003]

MT 121/63--motorways policy development up to and including Special Roads Act 1948

[Complete through 4-11-2003]

---MT 116/2--Worboys committee working papers

MT 95/496--Specific design and construction issues associated with Birmingham-Preston Motorway

DSIR 12/188, 189--road traffic and road safety research reports (much material of interest pertaining to early experience with LBM, and COBA assessment of discrete GSJs)

MT 113/47--Anderson C'ttee file on motorway services signing

MT 39/147--file dealing with proposals to build just one motorway between London and Channel ports to handle summer and weekend traffic, rather than separate bypasses for Maidstone and Medway Towns

XXXMT 39/567--file dealing with selection of schemes (motorways) in road works programme, 1942-1960. A HGP file

MT 39/554--Planning the Gloucestershire section of the BBM

XXXDSIR 12/294--GO BACK TO THIS FILE to nail the account of Glanville's visit to the USA

FCO 76/580--Boring file dealing mostly with Vienna ratification, but probably worth photographing because of its treatment of pre-1981 bus lane signing

MT 120/95, 96--Fairly important files dealing with trunk road "master planning" and the series of trunk road appreciations which central government called for preparation in the mid-1950's

ZLIB 12/123--Absolutely vital--LTC Rolt on the London-Birmingham Motorway

XXXDSIR 28/520--important file dealing with "blue skies" thinking on high-rise overhead roads in London

XXXDSIR 28/218

XXXDSIR 28/219

DSIR 28/224

XXXMT 113/46

MT 113/47--motorway signs for service areas