Policy for Roads: England 1978

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This week, on Roads in...

We talk about costs, flexible standards and open decisions. Yes, it's the late 1970s, and with it comes a review and cost cutting. Specifically called out within the wordy parts of the report are the reduction in standards of the M54 from D3M to D2M; A27 between Havant and Chichester no longer being motorway; and even that the M40 was up in the air and might well have been constructed as all-purpose between Oxford and Warwick.

Contents of Note

  • M67 across the Pennines 1977 cancellation referenced
  • M602 Spur to Salford Docks
  • M69/A47 Spur cancelled
  • A604 M1-A1 Link appears
  • Ringway 3 between M4 and M1 still in programme
  • M23 Mitcham - Hooley still in programme
  • M12 South Woodford - Brentwood still in programme
  • A6(M) Stockport, yes, you've guessed it, it's still there.
  • The rather brilliant line M65 M6/M61 - Whitebirk (this section to be all-purpose road). So clearly not M65 then!
  • M15 has become A406
  • A41(M) has become A41
  • M54 Brownhills Extension has become A5