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A list of stuff I want to look at next time I visit the National Archives.


Anything in series MT with the word "photograph" in the title. I'm impatient.

MT 107/238Route classification and numbering: class I and II roads in Norfolk; revisions
OS 1/14410 mile map of Great Britain
OS 1/149½" special district map of Greater London
OS 1/198Post-war planning: re-establishment of small scale maps
OS 1/213Guernsey: drawing of 1933 3 inch map

ZOS 4/92 to ZOS 4/97 inclusive - apparently the 1932, 1946 and 1956 Ten Mile Maps. All stuff we have from the NLS anyway, but worth just having a look.

Milton Keynes stuff

MT 104/140Trunk road status: new town at Milton Keynes; meeting to discuss road links to M1 motorway and other effects on local trunk road network
MAF 144/338 - 340Proposed new town at Milton Keynes, Bucks: land use considerations
HLG 118/441New Towns Act 1965: proposed new town in North Buckinghamshire; Milton Keyness

Plus things on Chris's (Gramatically Incorrect) Shopping List