Roads in England (1971-72)

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This is another one in the Roads in England series of reports, detailing the state of road construction from the year in the title.

It's basically full of big tables organised firstly by Trunk or Principal roads, then by region, and finally by top-tier local authority. They include scheme names, lengths, costs, and planned route numbers, but don't include improvements for less than £250k.

Contents of Note

  • Dover Radial Route is given the A102(M) number in the list of motorways to be confirmed
  • M272 Portswood Link Road in preparation pool
  • A647 Armley Link Road in Preparation, with a cost of £2.2 million. That's in Leeds BTW.
  • Photo of Clifton Bridge, Nottingham under construction
  • M54 Brownhills Extension in pool, but with no costs.