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This template allows you to insert a standardised table of information at the top of an artefact listing page.

How to use it

You would be well advised to use these parameters:

| date      = 
| isbn      = 
| owner1    = (and so on up to owner4)
| archive1  = (and so on up to archive4) 
| type      = 

Those parameters in full

date The date the artefact was made or published. Optional.
isbn The book's ISBN number. Optional.
owner1 The username of the person who owns this item. If more than one person owns it, continue with parameters owner2, owner3, owner4. It will be automatically turned into a link to that user's page. Optional.
archive1 The title of an archive facility where this artefact can be found. If there's more than one, continue with parameters archive2, archive3, archive4. It will be turned into a link to that archive's page. Optional.
type The type of artefact this is, expressed as the name of the category it's in. So if it's a map, enter Map. It will be turned into a link to that category. Optional.