The Motorway Achievement Volume 1 (2004)

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The full title of this document is The Motorway Achievement Volume 1 The British Motorway System: Visualisation, Policy and Administration.


This huge tome is typical Motorway Achievement fare. It is written by engineers, for engineers and as such it is actually quite a difficult read, and is not accessible to those without a deep enthusiasm on the subject. It is, however, lavishly illustrated (429 "plates"), and covers almost absolutely everything that engineers think that you want to know about the motorway network, from the history of the network, the economic justification of motorways, to the design and construction. There is even four chapters on the administration of the construction process!

It is a book that is full of gems of information not easily accessible elsewhere, but it reminds of a particularly large and complex file from the National Archives in that if you keep going, it's often worth your while.

Contents of Note

  • History of the "motorway concept"
  • Design and construction history
  • Safety research history