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Occasional El Presidente of SABRE and infrequent visitor to TNA. Likes files with lots and lots of photos of roads. Hates boring lists of pointless minutae.

Pet Project

Document the history of every single classified road in Great Britain from 1922 to date. Currently poking my way through six inch maps at TNA and old MOT or George Philips maps to find that obscure 4 digit B road that might well be described as "Link In Crinkley Bottom" that existed between 1926 and 1929 before upgraded to a slightly less obscure A road that disappeared in 1935.

What I already have

I have lots of things, most of which are not properly documented, and need to be filed an organised. In short, I need a secretary. Fortunately, SABRE already has one ;-)

What I want

Ritchie's shopping list