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Correspondence and papers concerning the A41M Watford to Tring motorway including plans of proposed route and inspector's report on the public enquiry held at Hemel Hempstead, Nov 1971 - Jan 1972

Date range1971-1978
LocationHertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry


God bless Wigginton Parish Council, who diligently kept all the paperwork they ever touched and then sent the lot for archiving. In the early 1970s they were concerned about the construction of the A41(M) Watford to Tring motorway, initially because the Tring Bypass (which was built) severed one of the walking routes from their village to Tring, and later because another section was planned to join on to it and they worried it would cut them off from Berkhamsted in a similar manner. They entered into a great deal of correspondence and kept all the paperwork and plans they got in return.

Among other things, the paperwork in this file confirms some useful dates: the A41(M) was officially abandoned on 3 November 1976, and from that date onwards the same project was pursued as an all-purpose bypass instead. Proposals were published later in the 1970s but came to nothing.

Contents of note

  • A little bound folio of line plans and section plans of the section from the A416 to Tring, a length that had legal orders drafted as a separate entity.
  • Inspector's report from the public inquiry into the whole Watford-Tring scheme, with some notes about the layout of the road and the Ministry's policy surrounding it at the time.

People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a partial copy.