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Sources for information on the component parts of Ringway 1 are listed here.


Motorway followed railway lines to "limit intrusion" on neighbourhoods
HLG 159/1024 discusses planning of the network, including use of existing severance (such as railways) to reduce impact on urban area.
London County Council terminology ("cross routes")
Map and list taken from Report of the Committee on London Roads, July 1959.
R1 as 'minimum solution'
GLC stated that "the urban Motorway Box and the links to the radial motorways converging on London will be minimum requirements" (GLC Minutes of Proceedings, 6 April 1965, pp. 347-53; referenced in Motorways In London ed. J Michael Thomson p. 106).

No justification of R1 in GLC submission to GLDP inquiry
HLG 159/1024 outlines the purpose of each road proposal in turn, except R1.
Design speed of 50mph; peak hour speeds not to drop below 35mph
HLG 159/626 lists GLC design standards.
1969 cost estimate of more than £1bn
Estimated 36,000 people rehomed

North Cross Route

Route, Willesden Junction - Hackney Wick
T 319/1842 contains the standard GLC route map for Ringway 1
Route published in 1966
MT 106/437 for engineering plans, route study and publicity
Demolition of Sigmund Freud's house
Mentioned in ACC/3499/EH/08/04/019
Link roads from Willesden to Harlesden, M40 and M4
MT 106/437

British Rail's objection to motorway over Camden Goods Yard
PNLR terminus on Ringway 1
MT 106/437 in plan sheets
M11 to Angel link alternative route on line of A10
MT 106/437 in study on alternative links to York Way and Hackney Wick
Barbara Castle newspaper controversy
MT 106/437

East Cross Route

Route, Hackney Wick to Kidbrooke
Road is as-built before 1973
T 319/1842 contains the standard GLC route map for Ringway 1
Existing proposal by London County Council
GLC/TD/C/P/01 held at London Metropolitan Archives
Sections of road previously under motorway restrictions
Sections of East Cross Route designated A106
OS Landranger map (details to follow)

A13 interchange as temporary measure
Third Blackwall Tunnel bore planned
A-Z map (details to follow)
Kidbrooke Interchange (A2/A20/Ringway 1)
HLG 159/1257

South Cross Route

Route, Kidbrooke - Clapham Junction
T 319/1842 contains the standard GLC route map for Ringway 1
Kidbrooke Interchange (A2/A20/Ringway 1)
HLG 159/1257
Blackheath tunnel and alternative line proposals
HLG 159/1257 for proposals made by LB Greenwich and Buchanan
MT 106/299 for report in South London Press, 09/04/1971, including trial bore holes made by GLC
New Cross Spur interchange
Split carriageways at Denmark Hill

Brixton section, and redevelopment of Brixton
LBL/BDD/1/16/1, LBL/BDD/1/16/2 and LBL/BDD/2/4 for various incarnations of the Brixton Town Centre Redevelopment Plan within the Ringway timeframe
Barrier Block (Southwyck House), Brixton
Urban 75 have a well-researched report from original files at Lambeth Archives, verified by the site's authors
Engineer's Reports
MT 106/299 for details on commissioning and funding

West Cross Route

Route, Clapham Junction - Holland Park
MT 106/188
West Cross Route: Interim Report on Stage I (1962)
Route, Holland Park - Westway
This road is as-built before 1973.
T 319/1842 confirms the whole route.
Route, Westway - Willesden Junction
MT 106/437
Elevated motorway with three or four lanes
MT 106/188
Interchange at Chelsea, and alternative plans
MT 106/188 for complex looped interchange
GLC/TD/DP/LDS/02/098 for east-facing directional interchange

Designs for A4 interchange
MT 106/188 for stacked roundabout
GLC/TD/DP/LDS/02/098 for west-facing directional interchange
Dual carriageway proposal forking to two bridges
Western Environmental Improvement Route: leaflet published by the Department of Transport, 1989
Western Environmental Improvement Route
West London Assessment Study, Stage II. Viewed at Richmond Archives. Detailed page to follow.
Mention of proposal to link Chelsea and Victoria Embankments
LA 02 mentions this plan - detailed diagrams and documents yet to be located

Camden Town Bypass

Route, Chalk Farm - Euston Road
MT 106/437 includes full engineering diagrams
HLG 159/2457

Oval Road cantilever over bypass
MT 106/437 for written description of the route
Introduced between 1965 and 1966
LCC/PP/HT/001 includes the 1965 Travers Morgan report which has no indication of the Bypass

Balham Loop

Route, Clapham - Brixton via Tulse Hill
T 319/1842 has the standard GLC map of Ringway 1, including the Balham Loop
Publication of route in 1966
Check this - sure there is a written summary of whole of R1 including BL, probably dated
Withdrawal of route in 1967
Report in Wandsworth Boro' News, 21/01/1967
MT 106/291 has GLC memo dated 23/01/1967

Map with Balham Loop crossed out
MT 106/291 has map with Balham Loop and relevant M23 section marked as "Route no longer safeguarded"
Quote from Southern Railway poster

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