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Director-General's Department: Planning Transport and Industry Group - Planning Committee

GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/005 Expanded Programme - major road improvements (1964-1966)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/027 Clapham Junction Area (1963-1968)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/030 Dover Radial Route (1963-1965)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/031 Dover Radial Route (1965)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/032 Dover Radial Route (1966-1968)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/033 Eastern Avenue Extension (1960-1966)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/034 Eastern Avenue Extension (1966-1969)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/043 Kingston Road - including Tibbet's Corner, Roehampton Lane and Roehampton Vale (1964-1966)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/069 South Cross Route (1965-1969)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/075 Wandsworth Bridge Southern Approach (1965-1969)
GLC/DG/PTI/P/05/084 Woolwich River Crossing (Thamesmead) (1965-1970)