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Ministry of Housing and Local Government and Department of the Environment: Inquiry into the Greater London Development Plan (GLDP)

HLG 159/158 Ministry of Transport (1970-1971)
HLG 159/159 Ministry of Transport supporting documents (1970-1971)
HLG 159/273 Motorway monitoring; requests for information from the Greater London Council on new motorways (1971)
HLG 159/321 Ringway No.3 (North-West London), report by Colin Buchanan and Partners, comments (1971)
HLG 159/381 Ringway 1, the North Cross Route: questions to the Greater London Council to examine further the case for this road (1971)
HLG 159/386 Chiswick Triangle: environmental objections; questions to London Borough of Hounslow (1972)
HLG 159/396 M4 and the North Circular Road: questioning of Department of Environment witnesses (1972)
HLG 159/403 Roads in North-East London: map of M11/M12/M15 junction (1972)
HLG 159/462 Third London Airport: Department of Environment Consultation Paper (1972)
HLG 159/479 Revised map of the primary road network (1972)
HLG 159/572 Note on the phasing of the primary network (1972)
HLG 159/626 Final Draft, Transport Chapter 17, The Road System (1972)
HLG 159/936 London Borough of Hounslow: study of Greater London Development Plan highway and transport proposals for Hounslow; Chiswick ringway plans (1971)
HLG 159/956 Ringway 1: aerial photo-montage showing proposed route (1971)
HLG 159/957 Ringway 1: aerial photo-montage showing proposed route; plan (1971)
HLG 159/1024 Greater London Council: Subject Evidence, Stage 1; Transport (1970)
HLG 159/1026 Greater London Council: Subject Evidence, Stage 1; Transport (1970)
HLG 159/1257 London Borough of Greenwich: transport (prepared by W S Atkins and Partners) (1971)
HLG 159/1286 London Borough of Hounslow: transport (prepared by W S Atkins and Partners) (1971)
HLG 159/1318 London Borough of Sutton: Ringway 3 and Route 27 (1971)
HLG 159/1373 London Borough of Lambeth: Parkway E (1971)
HLG 159/1672 Greater London Council: comparison of the cost of compulsory purchase for Ringway 2; the Wandsworth to Clapham link, the South Cross-Route and the Dover Radial Route; and the M23 extension (1971)
HLG 159/2177 London Borough of Greenwich: road schemes; Ringway 2 Norbury to Falconwood, A 20 (M), Dover Radial Route and A2 (M) (1971)
HLG 159/2183 London Borough of Bromley: Ringway 2; proposed alternative route through Beckenham (1971)
HLG 159/2240 London Borough of Bromley: Parkway 'E', suggested revision of route (1971)
HLG 159/2274 The Grove Park Group: consideration of the West London Interchange at Chiswick and likely physical impact on the Grove Park area (1971)
HLG 159/2316 Midland Bank and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation: Ringway 2, proposed route C; map showing conceptual design of Parkway E primary interchange (1971)
HLG 159/2333 The Old Chiswick Protection Society: realisation of the Greater London Council proposals on roads in Chiswick; map of the Hogarth Interchange (1971)
HLG 159/2342 The Chiswick House Area Residents Association: map showing Ringway 2 proposed alignments (1971)
HLG 159/2457 London Borough of Camden: North Cross Route and Camden By-pass; maps (1966-1967)
HLG 159/2507 Greater London Council: alternative primary networks in Chiswick and the adjoining areas (1972)
HLG 159/2508 Greater London Council: visual description of the A20 (M) east of Mottingham (1972)
HLG 159/2511 Camden Town Motorway Action Group: maps and diagrams of proposed cut and cover (1972)
HLG 159/2520 Henleys Corner Flyover Committee: Ringway 2 at Henleys Corner (1972)
HLG 159/2522 London Borough of Bromley: interchange between Ringway 2 and Parkway E (1972)
HLG 159/2541 London Borough of Hackney: network assignments (1972)
HLG 159/2673 Greater London Council: cost comparisons of primary road network; tables (1972)