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Ministry of Transport and successors, London Highways Division: Registered Files

MT 106/6 Croydon C B: Development Plan (1953-1959)
MT 106/7 Croydon C B: redevelopment plans (1953)
MT 106/54 London CC West Cross Route: plans (1963)
MT 106/93 West Cross route: Westway to Holland Park Avenue (1958-1963)
MT 106/107 Middlesex CC: proposed flyover at Junction of Great Cambridge Road and Turkey Street, Enfield; objections by Enfield BC. (1958-1963)
MT 106/118 Highway projects: Ringway 3(M16); Yeading to South Mimms (1959-1964)
MT 106/151 North Circular Road: comprehensive improvement (1961-1964)
MT 106/152 North Circular Road: plans (1961-1964)
MT 106/153 City of Westminster: Parliament Square and Bridge Street; possibilities of grade separation scheme (1961-1965)
MT 106/163 Piccadilly Circus redevelopment: plans (1961-1962)
MT 106/164 Piccadilly Circus redevelopment: press cuttings (1961-1962)
MT 106/184 Middlesex CC: Caterhatch Lane-Bullsmoor Lane (A10); Turkey Street flyover; provision of second carriageway (1961-1963)
MT 106/188 Principal roads and motorways: GLC; West Cross route, stage 2; consultants report and drawings (1961-1969)
MT 106/195 Central Hampstead redevelopment scheme: effect on North Cross route (1963-1967)
MT 106/219 London radial motorways: linking with London road system; London-Crawley Motorway (M23) (1963-1969)
MT 106/223 Ministry of Transport and successors, London Highways Division: Registered Files. East-West cross route: plans (1949-1968)
MT 106/225 Trafalgar Square Precinct: pedestrianisation, underpass, relief road and other proposals (1963-1971)
MT 106/236 Greater London Planning Group: correspondence and minutes (1963-1973)
MT 106/252 Trunk road improvement schemes: proposed underpass/flyover at Western Circus, Acton (A40); correspondence and reports (1962-1968)
MT 106/254 Middlesex County Council (MCC) trunk road improvement schemes: London-Cambridge-Kings Lynn Trunk Road (A10); proposed Turkey Street, Enfield flyover and dual carriageway and alternatives (1963-1965)
MT 106/277 Highway policy: traffic control; urban motorway design (1965-1970)
MT 106/280 Proposed construction: M12 Motorway; special roads order; trunk road survey under s7 of Highways Act 1959; Radial Route 7; programming report
MT 106/287 London-Basingstoke Motorway, `D' Ring Road M3: report by consultants (1964-1970)
MT 106/290 Road schemes near to the Denham roundabout; proposed `D' ring road extension, new line in north west sector; report by Brandt and O'dell (1964-1965)
MT 106/291 Ringway 3 M16: `D' Ring Road in North West London; possible change of route; deputation to discuss North Orbital Road extension (1964-1967)
MT 106/296 London transportation study: policy; safeguarding the `motorway box'; investigation of main routes by consultants (1964-1965)
MT 106/299 GLC 'motorway box': south cross route; preliminary investigations by consultants (1964)
MT 106/300 GLC 'motorway box': safeguarding major road proposals; comments and complaints (1965-1969)
MT 106/406 West London area traffic control experiment: policy; computer controlled traffic signals; experiments by Road Research Laboratory (1964-1968)
MT 106/413 Highway projects: proposal for motorway ring road for London; 'D' ring road (1966-1968)
MT 106/416 Highway projects: Greater London Council: motorway box scheme; policy (1966-1969)
MT 106/423 Street lighting: installation at Gypsy Corner Flyover (2 parts) (1966-1971)
MT 106/435 Western Avenue (A 40): Gypsy Corner improvement; planning for a flyover and one-way system; minutes (1967-1971)
MT 106/437 GLC: North Cross route and Eastern Avenue extension; consideration of proposed major road network for North Central London; includes consultants' reports (5 parts) (1967-1972)
MT 106/459 Highways projects: extension of the M11 motorway from South Woodford to Hackney Wick, London: general planning; minutes and correspondence (1971-1973)
MT 106/460 Highways projects: M23 London to Crawley (West Sussex) motorway: planning of the northern terminal; minutes and correspondence (1971-1974)