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MT 118/212 London Borough of Ealing: A40 Western Avenue/Western Circus intersection flyover scheme (includes preliminary report (1965) on possible improvement of traffic conditions at Western Circus) (1964-1968)
MT 118/215 Mersey Tunnel relief flyovers: elevated highway in area of Mersey Tunnel (1964-1971)
MT 118/220 Croydon East-West Flyover: bridge over High Street to Duppers Hill; Barclay Road roundabout extension (1964-1971)
MT 118/243 Trunk road A1: proposed Gateshead viaduct between East Street and West Street; major scheme; controversy over abortive work incurred by Gateshead County Borough Council, including housing which could not be used; report on costs (1965-1970)
MT 118/251 Hogarth (Feathers) Roundabout permanent scheme :proposal to take the Great West Road over Hogarth Roundabout by a permanent flyover; study by consulting engineers (3 parts) (1965-1967)
MT 118/261 Birkenhead Mersey Tunnel approaches , A41 : tenders for contract No 1 ; viaducts , underpass , traffic marshalling areas, street works and railway tunnel improvement works (1966-1970)
MT 118/340 Motorway sign and sign/signal gantries: standard design (1968-1974)
MT 118/379 A3 Trunk Road: Wandsworth Bridge (southern approach); construction of underpass diaphragm wall incorporating instruments for measurement of earth thrust and other variables. Pt 3 of 3 (1967)

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