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In the mid-1980s the UK and French Governments invited private companies to submit proposals to build and operate a fixed link across the English Channel. The successful bid was, of course, EuroTunnel who excavated the Channel Tunnel and operate it to this day.

One of the high-profile alternatives was EuroRoute, which offered a road and rail link simultaneously. Their proposals were for a submerged tube tunnel carrying twin-track rail lines beneath the water, and for a dual two-lane road link which would run out from each coastline on bridges, and descend through artificial islands to a submerged tube tunnel across the shipping lanes in the middle of the Channel.

Their proposal was rejected, mainly it seems on the grounds that the two Governments didn't want both modes of transport to be provided at once.

Contents of note

  • History of press releases made by the EuroRoute company from 1985 onwards.
  • Summary booklet of their published proposal.
  • Marketing and promotional material, including the glossy four-page booklet ¨You Drive All the Way¨.
  • Newsletters issued by the company describing its bid in greater detail and the progress of the bid procedure.
  • Selection of press cuttings on the EuroTunnel under construction, and a booklet ¨Channel Tunnel: the Whole Story¨ published by the Science Museum to celebrate its opening in 1994.

How to view it

Information from the proposals, and scans of most of the images, are on the CBRD Histories article drawn from this item on this page.