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Date range1921-1986
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond TD/PM

Return.jpg Chris5156 is returning to this file later.
Why this might be the case is open to all manner of unsavoury speculation, but one insuperable fact remains: Chris5156 has taken this file out before, and he has every intention of taking it out again soon. In most cases this is because he wants camera copies and wasn't able to get them on the first attempt, but it may also be just because he misses it and longs to be near it again.

Thumbs up.png This file is truly delightful.
It is likely to bring a smile to your face, probably because it contains the sort of thing that makes trawling through dusty archive documents worthwhile. The thing in this file that makes your day might actually have nothing to do with its subject matter.


Many trunk roads entered Greater London, until the detrunking of routes that coincided with the creation of Transport for London in 1999, and during the existence of the GLC the council would routinely be provided with copies of plans produced for trunk road schemes, either because the GLC acted as the Ministry's trunk road agent and would carry out or oversee the improvement scheme, or because they were consulted on schemes at the planning stage.

This file contains a huge number of aperture cards, each of which holds a photograph of a large plan sheet ("large" means comparable to A1 or A0 size) that is, in some way, loosely concerned with trunk roads in the GLC area. It also contains a fair few sheets produced by the GLC themselves, concerning Metropolitan Roads, that have ended up here by accident. The plan sheets themselves were, presumably, destroyed after being transferred to aperture card to save space.

Because of the way the LMA works - which we will describe here as "delightfully quirky" because they seem like genuinely nice people and it would be unkind to use a term like, I don't know, "wilfully obtuse" - the catalogue entry GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07 actually contains hundreds upon hundreds of individual items, each of which is a bundle of aperture cards, but those hundreds of items are not listed in the catalogue. They are listed, of course - LMA staff can call up a full and complete listing on their internal computer system - but they do not appear in the public catalogue. On the bright side, though, you can still order them if you know the item number, and since dozens of bundles will be held in the same box, once you order one bundle you'll get a large number of nearby ones as well.

As a service to humanity, here is an obviously incomplete listing of the individual items found within this collection so far.

Item Contents Copies of item
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07-258 Proposals drawn up in 1980 by the GLC to provide a new left-in-left-out junction on the M41 to allow access to a development side on the east side of the motorway at Freston Road. Three options are presented which are almost identical, and the scheme never happened. None known
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07-267 Alternative proposals for the A41/A406 Brent Cross Flyover, including one that appears to be a full cloverleaf almost entirely within the footprint of the existing junction, if you can imagine such a thing. None known
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07-300 The "Whitehall Traffic Scheme". It seems a firm of consultants was asked to come up with ways of alleviating the traffic problems at Parliament Square, and came up with no less than 26 options, lettered A-Z, all of which are wild flights of fancy involving roads under the Thames past Parliament and underground interchanges on the Embankment. My favourite was the one that shows a free-flowing interchange built entirely in tunnel below the Treasury. The 26 route options are on cards 4989 to 5025. None known
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07-313 A scheme for a flyover or underpass at Golders Green Road, which is the set of traffic lights on the A406 North Circular immediately east of the A41 Brent Cross Flyover. There are about four different proposals here, circa 1979. None known

In 2005 I saw the same box and also found these things, though at the time there were no reference numbers for them so the best I can say is that they are somewhere in the box.

  • Plan showing "North and East London Major Road Network", produced by the GLC in February 1966. It shows the Lea Valley Route for the M11 and the PNLR, with junction locations.
  • Plan of section of the M11 scheme from the railway yards north of Stratford to the Leytonstone tunnel. The plans either side of this, which would have shown the layout at Green Man and Hackney Wick, are not present here. It was produced by WS Atkins for the Ministry of Transport.
  • Sheet of predicted motorway flows for 1981, produced in March 1968 by WS Atkins on behalf of the GLC, with schematic junction layouts from Hackney Wick to Green Man.
  • Three alternative route options for the M11 between Hackney Wick and Redbridge, drawn up for the Ministry of Transport by WS Atkins, and undated.
  • Proposed signage scheme for urban motorways, drawn up by the GLC's Highways and Transportation department in September 1965. These differ significantly from motorway signage in TSRGD at the time.

People with camera copies of this file

Chris Marshall has photocopies of some items from this file.