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Middlesex CC: proposed flyover at Junction of Great Cambridge Road and Turkey Street, Enfield; objections by Enfield BC.

Date range1958-1963
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106


In the early 1960s the Ministry of Transport was preparing plans to dual the A10 in North London. They wanted it to become a fast and efficient route with the minimum of bottlenecks for through traffic. Part of these proposals was for a bridge carrying Turkey Street over the A10 with slip roads effectively making it a GSJ. Enfield Council and local interests weren't impressed though as they fear it would attract traffic onto Turkey Street and ruin the visual amenity of the area. If a junction was to be built here they preferred traffic lights or a roundabout but the Ministry wasn't prepared to build a junction that included a gap in the central reservation or that disrupted the flow of traffic. Draft Orders were made but eventually in 1964 the Ministry, under Ernest Marples, announced the decision to scrap plans for the flyover owing to strong local opposition.

This file also shows that there was no other GSJs planned for this section of the A10 and that it was unlikely to be upgraded to a similar standard to the A13 or A40.

There are two other files dealing with the flyover but the content of all three is very similar and the same maps are used throughout.

Contents of note

  • Plans showing the proposed bridge
  • Lengthy correspondence between the Ministry and Enfield Council showing each other's reluctance to accept the other's proposals.

Links to related files

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People with camera copies

James Bancroft has copies of some of the maps and correspondence.