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==People with camera copies==
==People with camera copies==
[[User:Chris5156|Chris Marshall]] has a partial copy.
None known.

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WLTCE Working Party: minutes of meetings 1-31

Date range1965-1968
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 111


This is the final file relating to the West London Traffic Control Experiment (or WLTCE, expounded upon fully at MT 111/61) - or, at least, the final file I looked at.

It contains, as you might expect, the full minutes of all 31 meetings held at the MOT about the WLTCE, and also some little slips of paper that were used to book a meeting room and request that tea and biscuits be provided. There is a lot of administrative and technical detail here which is not very illuminating.

What makes this really worthwhile is the inclusion of a report into the progress of the experiment from late 1968 in which the benefits are evaluated, and this is followed up by a note stating that the Ministry considered it a great success and would be working the results into a policy to be applied to all urban areas very shortly.

The final report indicates that the WLTCE was responsible for a 10% reduction in traffic delays inside the study area at very modest cost.

Links to other files

MT 111/61 Management Committee: management reports to Minister of Transport. with plans. (1965-1966)
MT 111/65 Traffic observation: aerial filming; use of helicopters over west London. (1964-1966)
MT 111/66 Traffic observation: test vehicle (mobile lab); maintenance, hiring, repairs, plating; for use in west London area (1965-1970)

People with camera copies

None known.