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Herts CC : Outer Ring Road; Sparrows Herne Lodge, Bushey Heath; 'D' Ring Road rules and procedures; disposal of surplus government land; Ministry of Housing Circular

Date range1960-1963
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 139

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You're welcome. I say that because, when I took this file out, it was an absolute state. My notes say exactly that: "these papers are in an absolute state". I learned nothing of any interest whatsoever by reading it, but I did at least straighten up all the papers, so if you ever take it out, you'll now find that it's no longer an absolute state, and is actually very presentable. Like I said: you're welcome.

The file is, as the title implies, effectively concerned with one property in Bushey Heath, a house called Sparrows Herne Lodge that was on the line protected for the "D" Ring Road by Middlesex County Council's development plan. When the owner of the house wanted to sell up, even though the road had no fixed construction date, they were unable to do so, and the MOT had to get involved. Buying that one house generated a huge amount of paperwork which, it bears repeating, was in an absolute state.

There are 17 plans here, in a folder at the back, and if you wish to see the location of Sparrows Herne Lodge shown in a range of colours and mapping styles on a range of uninformative land registry plans of varying sizes and shapes, then you should make it your first priority. One even shows where all the drains run.

Contents of note

  • Papers, formerly in an absolute state; now very neat.

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