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Location National Archives
Title TUNNELS: Mersey Tunnel
Date range 1923-1928
Catalogue See entry


This is the key file recording the planning process and construction for the Queensway road tunnel under the Mersey, which opened in 1934.

The story is detailed on CBRD, but in brief, various bridge and tunnel proposals were considered, initially as a tolled facility. The local government bodies responsible eventually managed to persuade central government to bear most of the construction cost.

Contents of note

  • Memos and minutes of meetings between the Ministry of Transport and the Mersey Tunnel Joint Committee as the details of the tunnel proposal were fleshed out.
  • Maps, plans and diagrams showing various proposed layouts over time.

Links to other files

RAIL 475/241 Pontoon bridges at Birkenhead and Liverpool: original 1913 plan with 1925 endorsements showing modifications and extensions proposed by Joshua Shaw (1913-1925)
RAIL 475/250 Operation of tramways and buses through vehicular tunnel: extracts for proceedings before parliamentary committees in 1925 (1927)
RAIL 475/255 Special supplement from Liverpool Daily Post dated 16 July 1934, commemorating opening of tunnel (1934)
RAIL 475/276 Plans showing tunnel entrances, route of tunnel and longitudinal section received from Basil Mott (Chief Engineer of Queensway Tunnel) (1925)

People with camera copies

Chris Marshall has a partial copy.