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This site exists so members of SABRE, and other people with a research interest in the UK road network, can pool their information on the byzantine and unfathomable archive and research facilities in the UK.

Principally it is intended as a listing of documents held at The National Archives, but will also contain information on any other archives that have been visited, facilities found there, helpfulness of their search system, tips and tricks to make the most of a visit, etc.

What's new, 18 December 2018

  • We've updated to the latest version of MediaWiki. Please let Chris know if you find anything not working as it should. The site is now accessible at and will shortly change so that all page addresses automatically redirect there.
  • ArchiveWiki turns 10 years old on 23 December 2018. To show the much-neglected place a bit of love, there's a new front page layout with some nicer-looking icons.



Browse the full list of archive and library facilities found on the wiki. Click through to see guides to using each one and the files kept there.

Beware - archive facilities are notoriously disorganised and many interesting items are misfiled.

Some files are delightful, but others are a waste of time.



Browse through the piles of non-archive material we have lying around that has also informed our research - old maps, books, bought items, found items, even e-mail transcripts where they have been useful.

Research Topics


Take a look at some of the research topics that tie disparate files together, and get an inside view of the subjects we've been researching.



Help with using the wiki software, how to get started with adding and editing entries, house style tips and that sort of thing. Have a look before you get stuck in.



See who is part of the ArchiveWiki project and how to get in touch with them. Users' individual pages also contain details of any items of interest that they personally hold.

How do I get an account?


ArchiveWiki is secured and can only be edited by approved users. Find out how to attain this exalted status.