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This is an experiment into how references might be collated and published for the Ringways articles. The references will not be placed on the pages themselves, to avoid it becoming too academic and even less readable, but instead will be collated here, with each key point in the text married up with its source.

Wish me luck!

Ringway 3

Western Section

Route, Thames - M3
Route, M3 - M4 - Yeading
Route, options at Yeading
Route, MoT option Yeading - South Oxhey
Route, GLC option Yeading - South Oxhey
R3 connecting to M3 junction 1
R3 connecting to M3 at new junction at Upper Halliford (inc. reserved land and property dispute)
Cost comparison of Ministry and GLC route options
Previous plans for D-Ring and to link M1 and Heathrow by dual carriageway
Memo indicating urban or rural motorway standard
File suggesting route number M16