The Motorway Achievement: Wales (2010)

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The full title of this document is The Motorway Achievement - Building the Network in Wales.


More typical Motorway Achievement fare. It is written by engineers, for engineers and as such it is actually quite a difficult read, and is not accessible to those without a deep enthusiasm on the subject.

It goes into more depth than the information of the website, and is concerned almost exclusively with the construction and planning of the motorways that we have today - there is very little information about unfulfilled plans.

You would think that given that the motorway network of Wales is quite short, it would be a very small book. It isn't, as it is padded out with other Trunk Road schemes.

Contents of Note

  • Whole section on the Severn Crossings
  • Large chapter on A55
  • Parts of A449, A470, A465 and A483 are also covered in this volume.