Worcestershire Record Office

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Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service holds all archives for the county of Worcestershire.

Authority Worcestershire County Council
Location The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, Worcester WR1 3PB. See map
Website [1]
Membership/ID CARN ticket
Photocopy policy 40p per A4 sheet, 50p per A3 sheet
Camera policy Permissive, form to be completed. £4.50 per day, £16 for 5 days within a 3 month period.

What is held here

Items created by or regarding the County of Worcestershire.

How to use it

The Record Office itself is in three sections: County Hall, the Worcestershire Library and History Centre (in Worcester City Centre) and the Corporate side.

County Hall is the main section, and the most useful for roads archives. The History Centre is geared towards family and general history items.

County Hall operates via the CARN ticket system, and it is recommended by them that any documents required are pre-ordered. There is an partial online catalogue for Highways and Bridges, and staff are very friendly with regard to email queries.

Some less requested documents are stored off-site by Gloucestershire County Council, and at least two weeks notice is needed to request these items.

Items found here

  • Records regarding M42, M5 and M50 through the county.
  • Large scale map showing partial route of Strensham - Solihull Motorway
  • Some items related to Northern and Western Motorway
  • Redditch New Town items