A6144(M) Memorabilia

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A6144(M) signs, resplendent in the afternoon sun
Owned byChris5156
TypeEphemera (see all artefacts)

The downgrading of the UK's only fully single-carriageway motorway was an emotional affair. Assisted by two members of SABRE I managed to rescue some artifacts from the road before they made it to the scrap heap.

Pictured (with me) are...

  • A6144(M) start-of-restrictions sign
  • "Motorway regulations apply / For emergency use only" sign from the westbound lay-by
  • Two marker posts, thought to be from the westbound track, at 0.02km and 0.04km respectively. One marker post is now held by Steven Jukes.

How to view this item

The signs regularly attend SABRE events. Come along and have your picture taken with them.