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All files on ArchiveWiki that are stored at Glasgow City Council Archives are listed here. Because there is only a small number of files, they have not been split into categories or series for the purposes of our listing.

AGN 1717 Urban Motorway Plan (1966)
D-AP 1/5/3 A Highway Plan for Glasgow (1966)
D-PL 1/2 Report on Central Area (1965)
D-PL 1/3/2 Greater Glasgow Transportation Study: Forecast and Plan (1968)
D-PL 1/7 Report on Inner Ring Road East Flank (1973)
D-TC 8/1/6/18 Kingston Bridge (1967)
D-TC 8/1/9/19 Monkland Motorway (1969)
D-TC 8/1/18/22 Inner Ring Road East Flank (1971)

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