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Sources for the Ringway scheme's northern radials are collected here.



Route, St Albans - A406
GLC/TD/C/P/02 confirms this was to be incorporated as-is
Route, A406 - Kilburn
MT 106/437 has full engineering diagrams for this section
M1 final section opened 1977
UK Motorway Archive confirms dates.

A406 flyover pre-existing at 1977
1970s and 80s proposals for extension to WEIR

PNLR (Possible North London Radial)

Route, Dyrham Park - Ringway 1
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07 shows route in full
Route, Ringway 1 - Kings Cross

Interchange with North Cross Route
MT 106/437 has diagrams
Names PNLR and Kings Cross Radial
MT 106/437 for King's Cross Radial



Route, Harlow - A406
Route, A406 - Hackney Wick
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07 has multiple route options
Route, Hackney Wick - Angel
Route, alternative Lee Valley line
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07 shows this line out to Harlow
Restricted access interchange with R3
T 319/2655 has diagram

Layout of interchange with M12 and R2
SJ 25
Hackney Wick interchange
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07 has various allusions to layout
Eastern Avenue Extension
A12 not on proposed line of M11
GLC/TD/PM/CDO/07 has multiple options, none of which match A12


Route, Woodford - Brentwood
AT 56/98 & MT 106/280
Route, Brentwood - Maplin Sands alternative
AT 56/98
Roads in England 1971-72 gives M12 as Ringway 3 - Maplin
Route, Brentwood - Chelmsford alternative
Trunk Roads, England into the 1990s
Terminal interchange at Woodford
SJ 25
Return to Woodford - Brentwood routing after cancellation of Maplin Airport
Roads in England 1981

Havering-atte-Bower service area
MT 106/280
Gallows Corner spur and temporary flyover
MT 106/280
Noak Hill spur
Maplin Airport route with parallel railway
AT 56/98

A13 and M13

Route, Maplin Sands - Blackwall (via Rayleigh)
AT 56/98
Route, Maplin Sands - Blackwall (via Thames Estuary)
AT 56/98

Suggestion of plans for a barrage near Southend
AT 56/98 mentions local proposals for a road on the coast side of Leigh-on-Sea which met with local disapproval.
Proposal for two motorways to Maplin Airport
AT 56/98
HLG 159/462

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