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This page lists some of the topics we've been looking at and links to various Categories into which we've dropped our files. Have a sniff around to get a behind-the-scenes look at our research in a particular subject, or dig out related files by subject.

Mixed Signals
The development of variable message signs of all shapes and sizes, from the CBRD article of the same name.
Road numbers are the central interest of many enthusiasts, so it seemed fitting that we should list the various documents on this subject. In addition you might like to see...
All-Purpose Road Numbering for the full list of references to accompany the CBRD In Depth article Road Numbers.
Motorway Numbering for references to accompany the Pathetic Motorways article How the Motorways were Numbered.
Preston Bypass
The oldest motorway in the UK and in many respects one of the most interesting, historically and politically. These articles were mostly dug up in aid of the Preston Bypass history article on CBRD.
Probably the biggest topic on ArchiveWiki. The result of the research is available on CBRD, and those pages will eventually link through to individual ArchiveWiki articles. The research spans about fifty years of government action and, geographically, ends up covering most of the home counties.
One of the UK's favourite traffic control devices - now in use in this country for more than a hundred years. Roundabout research of all types is gathered here.


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