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Ringway 2: Richmond upon Thames, second interim report

Date range1971
LocationLondon Metropolitan Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseFond GLC, subfond DG/AE/ROL


A second report from the consultants employed by the London Borough of Richmond to examine the effect the GLC's motorways would have on their borough - the first is at GLC/DG/AE/ROL/02/188.

This report is more specific than the first, and looks at a range of specific lines that Ringway 2 might take through Richmond borough, including one routing the motorway through Richmond Park, which seems highly unlikely as a prospective motorway line. It eventually concludes that the GLC's line was the best one available. It then goes on to recommend some ways in which this line could be treated to make its environmental effects less severe.

The main recommendation of the report is that, if possible, Ringway 2 and all other Primary Routes should be routed outside the borough entirely and then accessed via the A316. Had the motorways been built, that would have been an ideal outcome for Richmond, but would have only really served to blight other boroughs with the same inconvenience, and as such the report ends up feeling rather blinkered.

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GLC/DG/AE/ROL/02/188 Ringway 2: Richmond upon Thames, first interim report (1970)

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