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Greater London Council: Ringway 2; proposed alignment between Norbury and Falconwood

Date range1971
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries HLG, subseries HLG 159


The note at the beginning of this file indicates that the letters and appendix were submitted to the GLDP inquiry by the GLC. The main item here is a pro-forma letter written from the GLC to Borough Councils who were affected by Ringway 2 - it has blanks where the borough names and officials' names could be inserted, so presumably it went to all of them in turn. Its purpose was to begin the process of formally consulting with them when the route of the final section was announced in July 1969.

An appendix follows, with a written description of the south side of Ringway 2 and the A20(M), which was part of the same planning exercise, it seems. The appendix refers to 1:2500 layout plans which are "enclosed", and which are not, of course, enclosed.

Finally, there's another pro-forma letter to the boroughs confirming the GLC's decision to formally safeguard the line of the motorway.

Contents of note

  • Explanation of the method and timescales on which boroughs were consulted on Ringway 2. Their consultation period was alarmingly brief so that the public could also be consulted before the GLDP inquiry started.
  • Indication that, in July 1969, it was not fully settled that the GLC would build it and R2 could have been a Ministry scheme - though the later safeguarding letter does state that the GLC have safeguarded the line and accepted responsibility for it.
  • Confirmation that the GLC would apply motorway regulations, so the south side of R2 really was going to be a motorway.
  • Useful written detail of R2 and A20(M) routes and alignment, though little information on junctions.

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