MT 106/281

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Proposed construction: Radial Route 7; South Woodford to Brentwood bypass; traffic study and preliminary site investigations

Date range1963-1966
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106


This file is about the M12, though it's really about how the M12 entered the planning process, and cuts off short before anything much happens. The short version of the tale is that Gants Hill roundabout was an intractable planning problem even in 1963, when a multi-level flyover of some kind was planned, along with the comprehensive improvement of the A12. The MOT calculated that, for noticeably less, they could build an offline bypass of that whole length of the A12 instead. That was then selected as the official plan, announced to the public in 1965, and the M12 was born.

Much of this file is correspondence within the MOT and with the GLC. Eventually a firm of consultants were hired to plan the route in detail, and dealings with them are largely found at MT 106/280.

At the back is a large map showing the route of a planned gas pipeline, for some reason.

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MT 106/280 Proposed construction: M12 Motorway; special roads order; trunk road survey under s7 of Highways Act 1959; Radial Route 7; programming report (1965-1970)

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