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Ringway 3 M16: report on Yeading and West End area

Date range1965-1971
LocationNational Archives (see all files stored here)
CatalogueSee entry
File baseSeries MT, subseries MT 106


This comparatively thin file is one of many dumping grounds for correspondence about Ringway 3 in north west London. In most of the correspondence in this file, various people (councils, MPs, residents, community groups, etc) tell the MOT they are most unhappy that they don't know where Ringway 3 will run, and the MOT reply saying that they don't know where it will run either. This file allegedly has a focus on Yeading, but in reality it has little more geographic focus than any other file like this. Despite the dates marked on the file listing, the contents of the file actually seem to begin in mid-1970.

There is lots of correspondence effectively saying "we don't know what the route will be and we don't know when we will know what the route will be".

Some detail on the GLC purchasing houses on its preferred line for Ringway 3 in Northolt.

There are also details of an alternative to Brandt & O'Dell's proposals between Springfield Road and the A40, which would run Ringway 3 parallel to the A40 as far east as White Hart roundabout and then turn south, with the advantage that it didn't run along Yeading Brook. Consultants were employed to look at this idea, and the resurrection of a bit of R3 north of Yeading Brook on the Development Plan Line was enough to start lots of rumours about the GLC route being resurrected in its entirety and a lot of local MPs getting very twitchy.

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